Olds-Didsbury Flying Association

AVGAS 100LL and JetA

As of June 13, 2024
100LL $2.14/litre.
Jet A $1.60/litre.
Payment: Debit, Visa or MasterCard. Price includes taxes. The fuel system is operated by KS2L. Questions can be directed to Aaron, the KS2L Airport Manager, at 825-994-4815. See the Home page for Aerodrome Management information.

Flight Mission Reporting

The 2024, flight missions and reporting are in the links below. The flights can be done at any time through the year. If you want to repeat a flight you can re-submit your data at any time.

Canadian In-Flight Informtion Broadcasting Association, CIFIB

Here is a write up from the COPA Flight May 2021 magazine about bringing free in-cockpit weather and traffic to Canada. One of the stations being set up in the spring of 2022 is at High River, CEN4.

Flight Training and Renting Aircraft Near Calgary

The ODFA often gets questions about whether we provide flight training or if there is local flight training in the area. The ODFA does not provide flight training but we do rent aircraft. The aircraft listed for rent on the Aircraft-Rent/Join webpage are available to members who are licensed pilots. Renting aircraft from ODFA around the Calgary area is easy and lower cost since you can spend more time in the air rather than waiting on the ground for your take-off clearance. With regards to training, the information below is provided for your convenience to provide you with further information. This does not signify that ODFA endorses or recommends the flight training provided on this page as they are not affiliated with ODFA.

Recency Requirements

2023-2024 Recency

The 2023-2024 Flight Crew Recency Requirements Self-Paced Study Program for recency requirements as per CARs 421.05 (2) (d) is now available on TC Website. This study satisfies the 24-month recurrent training program requirements of CARs 421.05 (2) d. You can reference the Transport Canada Aeronautical Information Manual (TC AIM) to assist with the answers.

Aviation Document Booklet

Renewal of your ADB should be done 90 days before it expires. Information and forms can be found on the Transport Canada Website.


Invoices can be paid on-line or you can continue to pay by cheque, or cash.

On-line Interact eTransfer:

  • To pay by eTransfer use the email address: accounts@odfa.ca. It is an automatic deposit so a password is not needed.
  • Make sure your name and amount is in the email and any other information that is needed to process the payment.
  • If the eTransfer is for an invoice from ODFA, include the invoice number. If the eTransfer is not to be directed toward a specific invoice but is for payment towards one of the rental aircraft include a comment as to which aircraft the eTransfer is for.
  • If you have problems you can email the treasurer at accounts@odfa.ca, Email.

Payment is still accepted by cheque:

  • Mail your cheque to the address shown at the bottom of this page in the footer section.

Payment in cash:

  • Cash payments can be made during our association meetings.