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Monthly Meetings

Our ODFA meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 19:30 local time at the aerodrome terminal. If you are interested in joining you can contact us first or feel free to just come to one of our meetings.


Our membership annual fee is $50. The procedures for joining are listed below. If you are interested in renting aircraft an additional security fee of $300 is payable and refundable when you leave. A check ride with a pilot is also required before you can fly on your own. You can arrange your check-out flight by calling one of the pilots on the contact page.

Members Who Join and Fly ODFA Aircraft

The following documents provide the information you need for becoming a member and flying the aircraft.

Joining Procedure

Here is a list that you need to complete to join the association and to rent the aircraft. A membership form and payment need to be received before the check ride is booked.

For your check ride bring photocopies of the following to the check ride pilot:

Aircraft Maintenance

If there is maintenance needed for the aerodrome or aircraft please fill out the Maintenance form.


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