Olds-Didsbury Flying Association


Monthly Meetings

Our ODFA meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 19:30 local time at the aerodrome terminal. If you are interested in joining you can contact us first or feel free to just come to one of our meetings. Note that meetings may be held by conference call. Notification will be provided by email.


Our membership annual fee is $50. The procedure for joining is listed below. If you are interested in renting aircraft an additional security fee of $500 is also payable. See the ODFA Aircraft Rules/Regulations/Currency document below for details regarding the $500 deposit. A checkout with a designated ODFA Flight Instructor on make and model is required (insurance) before you can fly on your own. All members must also complete a checkout every two years with an ODFA approved Flight Instructor. All checkouts follow a standardized ODFA Checkout syllabus/form. To just become a member follow Step 1 below. If you want to rent aircraft, please follow Steps 1 through 4 to start the Checkout Procedure:

1. Membership form and payment information.

2. Print and Complete the following and send them to the Aircraft Committee listed in Step 3:

  1. Signed Copy of the ODFA Aircraft Rules/Regulations/Currency document.
  2. Copy of ODFA Membership Form. Note that some browsers block the form fields so you need to download the membership form and fill it out through a pdf reader.
  3. Completed Copy of Rental Aircraft Worksheet and Aircraft Type Check Exam for aircraft type.
  4. Photo Copy of Pilot's Licence, current medical certificate.
  5. Photo Copy of Last page of individual Pilot Logbook.
  6. Proof of Membership and Deposit.
  7. Review and be familiar with the ODFA Aircraft Operating Procedures.
  8. After completing Step 4 below, a copy of the results of the ODFA Checkout syllabus/form.

3. Contact a member of the Aircraft Committee below with the completed forms for approval prior to booking a checkout flight.

4. Once approved by the Aircraft Committee; Contact an ODFA Designated Flight Instructor Below to Arrange your Checkout Flight.

All checkouts follow a standardized ODFA Checkout syllabus/form.

***(Travel and instructor charges will be on a case by case basis and subject to individual instructor rates, Please discuss the cost and payment options with the instructor/school prior to the checkout flight)***


Invoices can be paid on-line or you can continue to pay by cheque, or cash.

On-line Interact eTransfer:

Payment is still accepted by cheque:

Payment in cash:


If there is maintenance needed for the hangar or aircraft please fill out the Maintenance form.

Instructions for the Renter and the AME are provided on the Maintenance form.

Reserving Aircraft

There is a PA28-180C for rent. Members can book the aircraft on the Flight Plan page. To rent, you must be a member of the Association, with dues paid up, current on aircraft type and in good standing.

Aircraft Rental Rates

Rental rates are current as of March 10, 2022.

Aircraft Wet Rental ($/hr)
1976 Cessna 150M 130
1966 Cherokee PA28-180C 185

Fleet Aircraft

1976 Cessna 150M

1966 PA28-180C