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General Contact

Thank you for your interest in the Olds-Didsbury Flying Association. You can reach us at the postal address below or contact us by email using the form below.

Olds-Didsbury Flying Association
Box 3766
Olds, AB Canada T4H 1P5

Checkout Rides

If you are interested in scheduling a Checkout Ride with one of the club pilots, their contact information is provided below. Please contact one of the pilots directly.

Pilots for Checkout Rides
Pilot's Name Phone Number
Randy Ackert 403-586-4302
Matt Rulka 403-689-5225
Ed Shaw 403-701-1600
Carl Meyer 403-556-0669
Carl Pickin 403-461-4987
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Olds-Didsbury Flying Association Box 3766 Olds, AB CANADA T4H 1P5