Olds-Didsbury Flying Association

Aircraft Reservation

Booking Calendar

Aircraft booking is through a third party Reservation Calendar.


Payment instructions are on the Join web page. Invoices can be paid on-line or you can continue to pay by cheque, or cash.

Flight Planning

NAV Canada Weather, Flight Planning, NOTAM

Flight planning with weather and NOTAM are available through the NAV Canada website.

Other Weather

Environment Canada and AMA Web Cams

See the AMA Web Cam for highway cameras, road and weather conditions.

Weather from Environment Canada.

Red Deer Procedures

Terminal Procedures

In May 2020, VFR terminal procedures were changed for the Red Deer airport, CYQF. Check the CFS for details as this document does not supersede information contained within the CFS or NOTAMs.

Transponder Requirements

In February 2021, transponder requirements near the Red Deer Regional Airport (CYQF) were changed. The floor of the Red Deer 15 nautical miles (NM) Class E transition area was raised to 4,000 feet above sea level (ASL) and the transition area became transponder airspace. This will allow all aircraft operating within the transition area to be visible to air traffic service surveillance and raising the floor of the transition area will allow non-transponder equipped aircraft to continue to operate from the airport.


Aircraft Maintenance

For hangar or aerodrome maintenance just fill out the Maintenance Form.

If maintenance is needed on the aircraft please follow the procedure listed below.


  1. Immediately phone either Anders Klues (403-464-7557), Ruff May (403-556-0074) or Lawrence Weston (403-559-4196) and inform them of the problem.
  2. Fill out a maintenance request form and explain the problem in detail.
  3. Go to the Reservation Calendar and block off at least 2 days so renters see the problem and do not drive to the airport unnecessarily.
  4. When you put the notice on the calendar, please highlight the background in RED so the snag is obvious using the Colors: BG: (colors background) and select RED.


  1. When you have finished reviewing the snag, adjust the time blocked off in the Reservation Calendar to show the number of days the aircraft will be out of service.
  2. As appropriate, note the problem in the journey log book.
  3. When the aircraft is repaired, add a comment for the snag (Aircraft Repaired or something to identify its repair) in the reservation calendar so renters know the plane is airworthy again and change the color to GREEN in the Colors: BG: (colors background).