Olds-Didsbury Flying Association

Video at CEA3

July 2019 PA28-180G C-GWTS Take-off and Landing at Olds-Didsbury.

Fishing Gallery 2012

Another fun fishing trip to Sturgeon Landing! These are photos from our June 2012 Fishing Fly-Out.

Fishing Gallery 2011

The fishing trip in 2011 was to Sturgeon Landing located just on the Saskatchewan-Manitoba border. It was attended by 14 interested aviators and fishermen, two of whom flew up from Texas. As you can see in some of the pictures, there was lots of water in Saskatchewan and the water level was 6 feet higher than normal on the lake. Fishing was great and most caught their limit of pike and pickerel. The fish fry, roasts and steaks were enjoyed by all. There was a bit of a weather delay for a few hours on the return trip, but everyone really enjoyed the fishing trip!