Olds-Didsbury Flying Association

For Sale, Wanted, For Rent

Please use the For Sale, Wanted Contact page to send us the information you'd like posted. Only aviation related items will be posted. Ads will typically be left on the website for a number of months.

For Rent

Rent or Partnership

Interested in renting or in a shared ownership of a plane.

Please contact Chris at 403-389-4337 or email chrishal.fernando147@gmail.com.
Posted 09/16/2022.

For Sale

No items for sale at this time.


Hangar Space to Rent

Wanted hangar space for a Glasair II.
Please contact Jean-Francois at 418-559-4412.
Posted 11/18/2022.

Hangar Space to Rent

Wanted hangar space for a Citabria 7ECA.
Please contact Matt at 250-231-5463.
Posted 10/28/2022.

Hangar Space to Rent or Buy

Wanted hangar space to rent or buy at the Olds-Didsbury aerodrome for a Piper.
Please contact Roger at 403-254-5581.
Posted 08/21/2022.

Hangar Space to Rent

Wanted hangar space to rent.
Please contact Dustin at 403-888-1800.
Posted 05/01/2022.

Damaged Aircraft

Wanted any aircraft sitting for a long time, damaged or abandoned.
Please contact Cody at 905-261-8385.
Posted 10/13/2019.