Olds-Didsbury Flying Association


Calgary, Alberta Aircraft Rental

Olds-Didsbury Flying Association is one of the few locations around Calgary, Alberta that rent small aircraft. There is a Cessna 150M and a Piper Cherokee PA28-180 for rent. Aircraft rental rates are $130 and $185 per hour wet for the C150M and PA28-180, respectively.

AVGAS 100LL and JetA

As of August 27, 2023
100LL $2.25/litre.
Jet A $1.72/litre.
Payment: Debit, Visa or MasterCard. Price includes taxes. The fuel system is operated by KS2L. Questions can be directed to Aaron, the KS2L Airport Manager, at 825-994-4815. See the Home page for Aerodrome Management information.

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 19:30 Local Time at the aerodrome. Notification will be provided by email. If you are interested in joining as a general member or to rent aircraft, you can contact us first or feel free to just come to one of our meetings.

Location and Services


Olds-Didsbury Aerodrome Runway The Olds-Didsbury aerodrome is located between the towns of Olds and Didsbury, 7.2 km south of Olds and 4.7 km north of Didsbury located at Latitude N51° 42' 39" Longitude W114° 06' 22". Its ICAO identification is CEA3. The aerodrome was constructed in 1983.

Aerodrome Management

Mountain View County is the aerodrome owner and management and maintenance is provided by KS2L.

Tie-Down Services

Olds-Didsbury Aerodrome Runway

There are two tie-down locations. One on the far west side of the aerodrome, immediately west of the last row of hangars and the another is just east of the apron area that can be accessed by going east from the fueling area. Both locations are shown on the map between the location symbols.

Aircraft Services

Public Services

Being close to the towns of Olds and Didsbury there are a number of public facilities available.

Joining and Renting Aircraft

Information on the ODFA monthly meetings, membership, rules, regulations and renting a plane near Calgary, Alberta.

Flight Planning

Links for flight planning, NAV Canada weather NAV Canada NOTAMS and to reserve flights to rent the aircraft.

COPA Discover Aviation

As part of our interest in flying and community involvement we have been involved in COPA Discover Aviation since 2010 and have taken hundreds of students on an introductory flight.