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The ODFA has a Cessna 150 and a Piper PA28-180G for rent. Members can book the aircraft on the A/C Booking & Flight Plan page. To rent an aircraft you must be a member of the Association, with dues paid up, current on aircraft type and in good standing. A checkout ride is also required before renting. Information to join, and the required documentation are on the Join web page. The rental rates for the aircraft are adjusted from time to time to keep pace with changing fuel prices and operating costs. The rental rates below are effective as of June 2019:

Aircraft Rental Fees
Aircraft Wet Rental ($/hr)
1975 Cessna 150M 115
1972 Cherokee PA-28 180G 165

Aircraft Maintenance

If there is maintenance needed for the aerodrome or aircraft please fill out the Maintenance form.

Aircraft Performance

The aircraft specifications provided below show general performance. These numbers should not be relied on and during your flight planning you should use the flight manual and reference the performance curves at the proper temperature and pressure to determine the flight characteristics of the aircraft.

Aircraft Performance Specifications
Aircraft Specifications 1975 Cessna 150M 1972 Cherokee PA-28 180G
Gross Weight (lb) 1,600 2,400
Empty Weight (lb) 1,047 1,387
Approximate Useful Load (lb) 553 1,013
Fuel (galUS) 26 50
Fuel Grade 100LL 100LL
Fuel Burn 75% Power at 7,000 ft (galUS/hr) 5.6 10
Cruising Speed 75% Power at 7,000 ft (mph) 120 143
Range 75% Power at 7,000 ft (mi) 480 725
Rate of Climb at Sea Level (ft/min) 670 750
Rated HP at 2,750 rpm 100 180

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Flight Training

Flight Training Schools

We often get questions about flight training. The ODFA does not provide flight training. The aircraft listed above are available to members as rental aircraft, however, there are a number of flight schools in the area listed in the links below. These links are provided for your convenience to provide you with further information. They do not signify that ODFA endorses or recommends them as they are not affiliated with ODFA. The list is in order of closest to furthest from CEA3 to an approximate 100 km radius. If you have a flight school within approximately 100 km and want it listed on our website please let us know through the Contact page.

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